Anything you are looking for your ship, Naval Martins can help you 24 hours a day.


– Mineral Water

– Grains, Cereals, Pastas, Canned goods, Sweets, Beverages

– Fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen

– Beef, Pork meat, Chicken, Fish and Seafood.

– Cigarettes, drinks, chocolates and other foods

Deck & Engine Materials:

 – Ropes, Paint & Coatings, Pipes, Flanges, Valves

– Equipment for Welding, Electrodes, Illumination and Electrical, Tools, Bolts, Nuts, Screws

– Safety Equipment

– Medical Supplies

– Clothes

Gas & Chemicals:

– Boiler water / Cooling water treatment, Air cooler cleaner, Oil spill emulsifier, Oil grease remover

– Acetylene, Calibration gases, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Refrigerants, Freon 22, Welding gases

– Hands cleaner, Bleach